11 Key Benefits Of Using Dragon Naturally Speaking In 2021

Benefit of dragon naturally speaking in 2021

Numerous people use speech recognition for different reasons. Here is a list of reasons why people use speech recognition. (Dragon Naturally Speaking)

1. Business Purposes

Some business people do better when trying to meet deadlines. Working on different projects, preparing reports, composing meeting notes, sending business emails, and creating business letters all can be done with Dragon Naturally speaking while you stroll around the office or even when you enjoy a cup of coffee consuming less time.

2. For Government Employees

Government employees have to write lengthy reports and some of them are trained to write accurately but typing speed is low. Dragon Naturally Speaking allows them to dictate the report to the computer not only it assists them in typing faster but does not make any spelling errors. Dragon naturally speaking also reduces any chances of carpal tunnel syndrome. So there are evident benefits to the Government and the Government employees.

3. Medical Professionals And Doctors

Doctors often need to write their medical reports and especially when they require to write medico-legal reports. Needing to be highly productive when short on time Dragon Medical One is specifically for doctors as it has a specialist vocabulary which makes the program error-free. Dragon empowers doctors to complete reports in less time and fluently give their ideas, words. Download free Dragon Naturally Speaking today and start exploring the key benefits for medical practices.

4. Journalists And Writers

Writers and Journalists are not bound to sit around the computer as with Dragon with pacing around they can verbalize the ideas. They are no longer hitched to a spot and don’t have to worry about typing. Dragon Naturally Speaking software enables them to be more creative and enhance their writing skills. Many popular writers are clients of Dragon and have written many books using Dragon Naturally Speaking free trial also.

5. Social Media and Email

Some people are worse when it comes to typing an email or sending a message to friends and family for a natural conversation. DragonNaturally Speaking is a boon for them because the words appear on the screen as spoken to it. No more keeping yourself away from loved ones to say what’s in your heart. Dragon Naturally Speaking enables you to update Facebook status while you are busy doing some chores.

6. Teachers, Students And Instructors

If you are running out of time to complete your assignment and have poor typing speed than Dragon Naturally Speaking can help you make the ends meet. Many students use Dragon Naturally Speaking not only to complete their thesis but it can help pupils to write their assignments when they are poor in time. Speech recognition helps school teachers and university tutors to compile their regular activities and reports.

7. Physically Challenged People

For the people who are physically challenged it is difficult for them to use a keyboard. Voice recognition is a blessing for them. They can use all the applications with the help of DragonNaturally Speaking. They can use verbal commands to use different programs along with editing and writing. The sound recognition can be beneficial to geriatrics with weak eyesight, joint problems, and patients with spinal injuries. Dragon Naturally Speaking assists them to communicate with their friends and family and enable them to use social media as well. It makes a real difference in their living style.

8. Recent Studies On Computer Use

Recent reports say that sitting continuously at one spot for a long time can be harmful to health. Besides, staring at a computer screen for long periods without looking away can give headaches and also weaken the eyesight. Using speech software frees one from the study table while enabling one to walk around or look in the surroundings and remaining still productive. It saves time and rescues a person to acquire a wrist strain from overusing for typing. There are thousands of people who have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome use Dragon Naturally speaking software on a day to day basis and have returned to work fully productive within a short period.

9. Make Diary Notes And Blogging

If you ever noticed that what you say is different from what you write then the professional grade of this software will make you more active with your daily blog or periodical. Most people say that they add more to their daily blog when speaking rather than writing their thoughts. Dragon Naturally Speaking can be used to quickly record any information you don’t want to forget instead of writing it on a piece of paper that is often misplaced. So you can record your thoughts in text for later use.

10. Web Surfing

It makes web surfing to a whole new experience, as you command the software what you want to view and results will be delivered in a fraction of a second. For example, you want to know the latest updates on news and the Google engine will display the latest news on your computer screen. Dragon Naturally Speaking works flawlessly with all the search engines like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, and internet explorer.

11. Voice Commands For Windows

Dragon Naturally Speaking can work with several applications on windows such as Word, Word Perfect, Open Office, and outlook. Voice commands not only help you open new windows but you can also scroll up and down, mark and highlight the text, and so forth. You can use voice command run programs with short-cuts and take control of your computer with Dragon without ever touching the keyboard. These are just a few grounds why people use Dragon Naturally Speaking on regular terms. There are several other reasons why people use speech recognition software that depends on how efficient you want to be and what you want to achieve.

If you have still not used and enjoyed the benefits of this speech assistance software you can opt for a Dragon naturally speaking free trial online by registering from the Dragon anywhere App available in both Windows and Mac.

5 Steps To Use Dragon Naturally Speaking In 2020

Steps For Using Dragon Software
Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a speech recognition software that is used to navigate computer and compose text without the use of your keyboard or mouse. User can simply create a profile and customize its settings and configure its voice for the dictation and commands. Initially you can download the link from the website https://www.dragonnaturallyspeaking.net/ where you will get the option to download the version you are looking for.

After successful downloading the dragon naturally speaking software, you will proceed to the installation. The software will ask you for some information such as your language and state you need the preferred language should be. After entering all the information it will then ask you plug in and select the microphone and headphones you want to use.

In Between you will be prompted to enter the key or the serial number for the version of Dragon software you are installing and then it will ask to activate and register the dragon software product by going online. In case you don’t register it it will give you option to register its later or remind you in 7 days.

Once the software is installed it would be ready to take the command and dictation form you.Still in case you have any issues you can talk to our representative on the chat on our website https://www.dragonnaturallyspeaking.net/ who would help you out for your issues.

Steps To Be Considered While Using Dragon


As the dragon naturally speaking is the voice recognition software, you are required to have a microphone connected and powered on for the software to configure and take the input. You can add or remove the microphone later also by just plugging out the older microphone and adding the new microphone into computer. Microphone can be wireless as well as wired.


Before using the software, you will require to complete some configuration wizards to create a user profile and configure the software settings according to the user.


You will need to provide your name, age, regional accent, and select a connected microphone from the list of devices on your screen. After creating your profile you will be prompted to connect your microphone.Choose “Standard” if you don’t want any regional accent to apply the settings.


Say “Stop listening” or “Wake up” to disable/enable your microphone respectively.
You can manipulate the windows displayed on your computer with commands like “Switch to”, “Minimize window”, or “Show desktop”.
Dragon will recognize common menu names when spoken, like “File” or “View”. Once open, you can move the cursor through the menu with “Move up ” or “Move down” and select them by saying “Mouse click” or “Press Enter”.
Say “Search of the ” to search your computer, documents, or email and resources.
While basic voice commands for menus and text fields will work, you will need to tall the Dragon web extension for your preferred browser to use browser specific commands, such as “Click link”, “Refresh page”, or “Open new tab”, among others for example chrome has dragon extension which can be downloaded from chrome web-store.


Once you have started using the dragon your profile will be saved and whenever you restart the computer you will still have the settings and voice recognition for the user. Sometimes it will not open your profile in that case you can open the profile by going into profile and then selecting open in there, it would provide you the saved profiles from where you can select your profile and continue using it. And in case if you have any issues you can get support by visiting the website or calling +1 877-870-0420 ( Dragon Support )