How To Upgrade Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 13 To 15 Version

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Dragon versions are upgradeable and and most of the versions comes with new updates and modifications which are helpful and with and with the coming updates working with dragon is more easier, also the bugs in the previous versions are removed and a more user friendly environment is provided.


There are few updates which are the basic updates and there are some which are major updates. Basic updates are when the subversion of the software is released for example. version 14.1 for the version 14. Major updates or the updates that changes the whole software is released as a new and fresh.For example. version 15 from the version 14.

To get the basic changes or updates done, users can visit or do it from the software console itself. There in case if any updates are available it will also give you the notification to update it to the latest version.Also you can check the previous updates you have installed on the device for the software.

To get the major updates you can visit the website and look for the new updates available and update it from there and in case if you still have issues you can contact the customer care they will help you out to get the latest updates done for your device.
upgrade dragon naturally speaking

Requirements for the updates:

1. MS Office latest version (2016 to latest)
2. Windows 7 or more.
3. Active internet or a Cd(with dragon software).
4. CPU: 2.2 GHz Intel® dual core or equivalent AMD processor.
5. Note: SSE2 instruction set required.
6. Processor Cache: 512 KB.

Memory (RAM):

32-bit: 4 GB for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. …

Free hard disk space:  4 GB for DVD installation (Min. 12 GB for downloading of installation files)

Steps to download the updates

  1. Downloading dragon naturally speaking can be paid and version to version charges can be about $60 to $120 depending upon the version of the Dragon.
  2. You need to go to the website where you will get the download link for the software once you have made the purchase you can get the download link in your email from where you can get the downloaded version of the software.
  3. Once the software is installed you can simply open the download and continue to install the dragon naturally speaking software which will prompt you with a few setup options which you can select and customize the Nuance dragon software. Such as if you want you can change the location of the setup where it has to be installed. Also setting up of the users,mic,and other settings can be done at the time of installation.
  4. It will Prompt you to select the microphone and then it will give you a few lines which the user has to read from the screen through the microphone which detects the user tone and then customizes itself to users speed and speech of the user.
  5. One the microphone is configured it will give you the normal dragon dialogue box. From where you can open an existing profile or you can create a new profile settings.
  6. Once the setup is complete you can launch it and if you are trying to get the dragon for the first time you can also link it with other apps such chrome and Microsoft applications also you can install different programs where you have to install the dragon extension manually.

This is how we can easily setup and install the upgrades for Dragon Naturally Speaking.  In  case of any troubles you can easily contact the technical support at Toll Free helpline number +1 808-369-9769 for assistance.

5 Steps To Use Dragon Naturally Speaking In 2020

Steps For Using Dragon Software
Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a speech recognition software that is used to navigate computer and compose text without the use of your keyboard or mouse. User can simply create a profile and customize its settings and configure its voice for the dictation and commands. Initially you can download the link from the website where you will get the option to download the version you are looking for.

After successful downloading the dragon naturally speaking software, you will proceed to the installation. The software will ask you for some information such as your language and state you need the preferred language should be. After entering all the information it will then ask you plug in and select the microphone and headphones you want to use.

In Between you will be prompted to enter the key or the serial number for the version of Dragon software you are installing and then it will ask to activate and register the dragon software product by going online. In case you don’t register it it will give you option to register its later or remind you in 7 days.

Once the software is installed it would be ready to take the command and dictation form you.Still in case you have any issues you can talk to our representative on the chat on our website who would help you out for your issues.

Steps To Be Considered While Using Dragon


As the dragon naturally speaking is the voice recognition software, you are required to have a microphone connected and powered on for the software to configure and take the input. You can add or remove the microphone later also by just plugging out the older microphone and adding the new microphone into computer. Microphone can be wireless as well as wired.


Before using the software, you will require to complete some configuration wizards to create a user profile and configure the software settings according to the user.


You will need to provide your name, age, regional accent, and select a connected microphone from the list of devices on your screen. After creating your profile you will be prompted to connect your microphone.Choose “Standard” if you don’t want any regional accent to apply the settings.


Say “Stop listening” or “Wake up” to disable/enable your microphone respectively.
You can manipulate the windows displayed on your computer with commands like “Switch to”, “Minimize window”, or “Show desktop”.
Dragon will recognize common menu names when spoken, like “File” or “View”. Once open, you can move the cursor through the menu with “Move up ” or “Move down” and select them by saying “Mouse click” or “Press Enter”.
Say “Search of the ” to search your computer, documents, or email and resources.
While basic voice commands for menus and text fields will work, you will need to tall the Dragon web extension for your preferred browser to use browser specific commands, such as “Click link”, “Refresh page”, or “Open new tab”, among others for example chrome has dragon extension which can be downloaded from chrome web-store.


Once you have started using the dragon your profile will be saved and whenever you restart the computer you will still have the settings and voice recognition for the user. Sometimes it will not open your profile in that case you can open the profile by going into profile and then selecting open in there, it would provide you the saved profiles from where you can select your profile and continue using it. And in case if you have any issues you can get support by visiting the website or calling +1 877-870-0420 ( Dragon Support )