Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance Communication is a speech assistant or voice recognition software. You can download and use the software trial online. 1936 AT&T’s Bell Labs produced the first electronic speech synthesizer called the Voder (Dudley, Riesz and Watkins),which was demonstrated in 1939 by experts that used a keyboard and foot pedals to play the machine and emit speech.Early 1970’s The Hidden Markov Modeling (HMM) approach to speech & voice recognition was invented by Lenny Baum,HMM is a complex mathematical  strategy that eventually was adopted by all the leading speech& voice recognition companies including Dragon Systems, IBM, Philips, AT&T and others.1971 DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) established the Speech Understanding Research (SUR) program to develop a computer system that could understand continuous speech.1978 The popular toy “Speak and Spell” by Texas Instruments was introduced. Speak and Spell used a speech chip which led to huge strides in development of more human-like digital synthesis sound.1982 Dragon Systems was founded and is well known for its long history of speech and language technology innovations.
1995 Dragon released discrete word dictation-level speech recognition software. It was the first time dictation speech & voice recognition technology was available to consumers. 1996 BellSouth launches the world’s first voice portal, called Val and later Info By Voice. 1997 Dragon introduced “Naturally Speaking“, the first “continuous speech” dictation software available.
1999 Microsoft acquired Entropic, giving Microsoft access to what was known as the “most accurate speech & voice recognition system” in the world.
2000 NetBytel launched the world’s first voice enabler, which includes an on-line ordering application with real-time Internet integration for Office Depot. And in, 2001 ScanSoft closes acquisition of Lernout & Hauspie Speech and Language Assets. 2003 ScanSoft Ships Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7 Medical, Lowers Healthcare Costs through Highly Accurate Speech Recognition.
2003 ScanSoft closes acquisition of SpeechWorks International, Inc. anmd makes a deal to distribute and support IBM ViaVoice Desktop Products.
2005 ScanSoft becomes Nuance, Inc. and till then it is known as Nuance dragon naturally speaking software.

Versions of the Dragon Naturally Speaking Software :

      • V15 – In 2018 Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 (Languages: English US) were updated discontinued for OS operating systems
      • V15 – In 2017 Dragon Professional Group (Languages: English US and German only). Discontinued for Mac operating
      • V15 – In 2016 Dragon Professional Individual; Dragon Legal Individual; Dragon Professional Individual for Mac (version 6) were updated
      • V14 – In 2015 released new updates for Professional version for all operating systems
      • V13 – In 2015 released new updates for Medical (UK, French, German) (Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3) supporting all OS
      • V13 – In 2014 for all major version were updated including the versions for mac
      • V12 – In June 2013 a newer version of Medical (Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2) was released for all.
      • V12.5 – In 2013 for all major versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking were updated. Medical is still on v11 for now.
      • V12 – In 2012 all major versions of Dragon were updated. Medical is still on v11 for now.
      • V11 – In 2010 all major versions were updated and a launch of a new Home Edition was made
      • V10 – In 2008 with update for all versions excluding SDK Client and SDK Server
      • V9 – In 2006 with updates for all major versions and the release of new versions namely SDK Client and SDK Server
      • V8 – In 2004 with update for all of their versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking
      • V7 – In 2003 All major versions updated
      • V6 – In 2001 All major editions updated including Essentials
      • V5 – In 2000 with updates for all major versions of the software
      • V4 – In 1999 in more than 5 Editions with Medical and Legal making its debuts – voicerecognition.com.au started selling version 4.
      • V3 – In 1998 in Point and Speak, Preferred and Professional Editions.
      • V2 – Also 1997 in Standard, Preferred and Deluxe Editions.
      • V1 – 1997 for Dragon Naturally Speaking Personal Use.


With Dragon Naturally Speaking Software you can create documents, reports, e-mails and more – all by speaking only.  It interacts with the commonly used programs like Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel, Corel WordPerfect, and many other Windows based softwares.It starts working by saying awake and rests by saying sleep on the microphone.
It is not 100% accurate and it may not recognize everything you say right away, but the software “learns” your voice as you correct its dictation and gets more and more accurate. So the next time it will correctly type what you dictate.  Dragon NaturallySpeaking not only types what you dictate, but can be used to open up documents, navigate through your programs, or search your computer for a file.One thing that you will really like about this software is you don’t have to be at a computer to use it.  Meaning, it will interact with certain handheld digital recorders and PDAs so that if you need to take notes between meetings or record personal thoughts you can do so without sitting at your computer.  Later you download that recording to your computer and Dragon Naturally Speaking will transcribe your recording into text.  This is truly a software that can simplify your life, especially if you are a slow typer like me or possibly have other disabilities that make typing difficult.

    1. Launch the Dragon Anywhere app and choose Subscribe.
    2. Select a subscription to purchase (Monthly or Annual).
    3. Enter an email address.

    The email will serve as your username to log in to Dragon Anywhere.

    Log in to your existing iTunes account to complete the purchase or choose to create a new iTunes account.

      1. Confirm the subscription you want to purchase.
      2. Accept the Apple subscription terms.
      3. Optionally provide your first and last name.
      4. Specify a password for your Dragon Anywhere account.

Call Us For Any Assistance

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Passwords must contain at least 8 characters. Characters must belong to at least three of the following groups: capital letters, lowercase letters, digits and symbols .You can now log in to your Dragon Anywhere account using the email address and password you specified during the purchasing process.Sharing content with Dragon desktop .If you’re using a version of Dragon desktop products or Dragon for Mac that connects to the central management server in the cloud, you can share custom words and auto-texts between Dragon Anywhere on your mobile device and Dragon desktop on your Windows or Macintosh PC. To enable the connection, enter your Dragon Anywhere username and password in Dragon desktop. The desktop product will then upload custom words and auto text commands to the central server where Dragon Anywhere can access them.The desktop product will also download any custom words or auto-text commands you’ve added in Dragon Anywhere. The download may not occur immediately after adding a word or auto-text. Consult the Dragon desktop help for further details. You can use Dragon Anywhere on multiple mobile devices where you’ve installed the app. When you log in with your username and password, your custom words and auto-texts will be retrieved from the central server. Therefore, you will receive the same recognition experience on all of your devices.

Maximize your accuracy

First impressions
If you experience recognition errors in the first few minutes, keep dictating. The system will adapt to your voice after a few minutes. This adaptation phase is particularly important if you speak with an accent.

Microphone control

Tap the Microphone to turn it on. Dictate when the microphone is green.
The microphone remains On until you turn it Off or say “Microphone Off”, leave the Dictation window or switch to another app. If the microphone is left on without receiving audio,it will turn off automatically after 20 seconds.

Audio tips

Don’t allow other people to dictate with your account. The system adapts to your voice, allowing other people to dictate into your profile will degrade your accuracy.

Read more details here.

Hold your mobile device 6 to 18 inches from your mouth.Locate the microphone on your device and avoid placing your hand or a protective case over the microphone while you dictate. Dictate at a normal volume and pace. Avoid yelling, talking slowly or saying one word at a time.
Remember that unless you turn off the microphone, Dragon Anywhere will record everything it hears. When you complete a portion of dictation, turn off the microphone or say “Microphone Off.” Minimize the amount of background noise. If you can’t avoid background noise, consider connecting a microphone to your mobile device, such as the ear bud microphone included with your phone.

Let Dragon work for you

Dragon Supported  Systems:

Windows 8 and 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit Editions)
Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (32-bit and 64-bit Editions)
Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit Editions)
Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 or higher (64-bit only Edition)
Windows Server 2012.

DVD-ROM drive (required for installation).

About Dragon Naturally Speaking :

We has almost 20 years of experience deploying and supporting speech technologies. We provide technical support services in a number of formats. Services can be provided remotely, by telephone, by e-mail by one of our Support Technicians.We recognizes that our clients depend on us to help their practice run efficiently. We treat each support case with a sense of urgency, and attempt to answer each support request as promptly as it is received. If all of our Support Technicians are assisting other clients, then we will make every attempt to respond to your support request by the end of the business day. Rest assured that your questions will be answered by one of our seasoned Support Technicians who are committed to resolving your issues and answering your questions. They recognize that the timely resolution of your Dragon Medical support issues plays a key role in the return-on investment, efficiency of your practice, and physician and staff satisfaction with your Dragon Medical Software.

Hours of Operation:

We will provide Dragon Medical licensees, with a current Support Contract, support for the software during business hours, which are 9:00 am – 6:00 p.m. EST, Monday – Saturday, except holidays.

Support Contract Term:

Each support contract is valid for a period of  years. Clients are encouraged to stay current on their support, to avoid interruption of support services when needed.

Contacting Dragon Support:

Dragon Medical Software remote support is provided at no additional cost for all clients with a current support contract. Requests for support are answered Monday – Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST.Hardware support is not covered by a Dragon Medical Support Contract. If client has no IT Support Person / Department, then we would be happy to recommend a credible IT company for assistance.

Extend Your Capabilities By Adding The Nuance Dragon Medical One Extension To Your Google Chrome Browser

As part of our quarterly series of articles to help you get the most from your Dragon Medical products, our Technical Support Team wanted to chime in this month and show you a way to extend your capabilities when using Dragon Medical.
We get multiple calls and emails every month asking how to have a better user experience with Google Chrome, so we thought providing the steps to adding Dragon Medical One was a great DIY task.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome.

Step 2: Navigate with the mouse to the upper right corner and click on the 3 dots vertically in a row.

Step 3: Once the drop menu opens you will navigate downwards to click onMore Tools” followed byExtensions”.

Step 4: You will then click the 3 lines horizontally in a row near the upper left side of the window.

Step 5: ClickOpen Chrome Web Storeat the very bottom of the window that appears.

Step 6: Type Dragon Medical into the search bar.

Step 7: There will be 3 extensions listed. “Dragon Medical Web Extension” is for our on premise or Practice Edition solutions. “Nuance PowerMic Web Extension” will be for PowerMic users. “Dragon Medical One Web Extension” will be for our cloud users. One you have determined which extension fits your needs, clickAdd to Chrome”.

Step 8: You will have to close out of the current session of Chrome and then reopen.You should now have more improved functionality within the Chrome Browser.

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How You Can Turn Your Smartphone Into A Wireless Microphone — Securely With PowerMic Mobile

Mobility is one of the biggest areas that physicians struggle with on a daily basis. So it makes sense that Nuance, the creators of the most innovative medical technology, would find a way to make it easier for clinicians to stay productive, even while moving from office to exam room and back.

You Don’t Sacrifice Power For Mobility

You don’t have to worry about losing the same benefits with the mobile version that you receive with the PowerMic handheld. The PowerMic Mobile is optimized to be used with your Windows-based desktop speech solution, in a similar way your handheld device is. With the added mobility, you can now move from office to office, or desktop workstation to station, allowing you to make your clinical documentation process seamless.